Day 12: A Time to Play, A Time to Rant

12 Aug

Blaugust Entry, Day 12

I don’t like to repeat content in games.

This thought first occurred to me when I was in high school, and my friends would always go to this Korean Internet Cafe to play Counter-Strike 1.6. I wasn’t good as those guys as I was under-practiced, but I was trying to catch up. Then I started to get bored. “Hey guys, can we play a map other than de_dust2?”

I totally understand the allure of the “even playing field”. When everyone knows a map so well, nothing is left to chance. It’s what makes chess a great strategic game. It’s most likely why the MOBA genre has gotten so popular. It’s why sports are so interesting to watch, even when you’re not actually playing them.

When I’m in the driving seat though, I don’t find it fun. It bores me to hell. I certainly can’t bring myself to play Diablo 3 again, just to face the prospect of getting through Tristram again, just to kill more things and get more loot. Guess I should have said, “it bores me out of hell”! I also get bored playing the same storyline in an MMO after I have finished the main storyline. That’s my biggest gripe with the MMO genre: the need to keep people playing = more time sinks = more rewards for playing the same content every day. Daily quests? Pssh. No thank you. My time is valuable.

The only reason why I would want to play something again and again is to overcome a challenge I haven’t been able to complete yet. Platformers are a good example. Something like Super Meatboy. Maybe Dark Souls, if I ever get to it. The thing is though, once I finish these games, I probably won’t play them again. Games like Crossy Roads and various puzzle games, even though they’re repetitive, have variations to them which make them interesting. Before you speak, I don’t like procedurally generated games either. Variation is usually all there is, and they often lack focus and direction.

The bottom line is: the end goal is not worth a tedious journey. The journey is the most important. And if there is a great ending, it should be because the journey made it great. Movies, books, and music are different, because they are crafted works of art. They are enjoyed in a way where you can appreciate the intricacies of the artists’ work, sometimes even more so the second or third time. Games often aren’t designed in that way, unfortunately. MMOs certainly aren’t. Yet. (On my previous rants on my frustrations with MMOs, click here and here.)

I have to admit though, Clicker Heroes has been running on my PC a whole lot these days.

Ah well. I can’t have my way all the time.

Onward, to Day 13!

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One response to “Day 12: A Time to Play, A Time to Rant

  1. C. T. Murphy

    August 13, 2015 at 7:29 am

    I generally agree, but I do find value in repetitive play. Sports and Esports are a great analogy. I don’t mind doing a quest or dungeon again if there is the chance that it’ll play out at least somewhat different, even if the mission remains the same. For example, maybe group composition will make the run feel very different, or maybe I will be playing with more people I like or people I don’t like at all.

    Too many MMOs kill the variety in order to even the playing field too much. I liked the days when CC was more important because if I had too little, the run went differently, or if I had too much, it also went differently.

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